The lovely bones

I’ve read The lovely bones, it’s a book about a girl, named Susie, who’s murdered at the age of fifteen. The book starts when she is already in heaven and it’s told from her perspective. She looks down at her normal world but isn’t part of it anymore. Her brother, Buckley, sees her sometimes, and Susies father sences her presence. I believe the way Alice sebold (the author) describes life after death could be the way it really is. Persons who die first need to find peace with their death and with not seeing their family anymore. Until that’s happened they stay in ‘the inbetween’. Later on, when they find their rest they move further in heaven.

Is there a life after the death? That is the question I want to write about, because the book is written from the perspective of a death girl. Susie can’t apear or change things in life. When her sister, Lindsey, broke into the house of her killer to find evidence of her murder she couldn’t help her sister. Although she wanted to help very badly. But in other ways she does help, when her father feels lonely he notices her presence and that helps him. Another character in the book is the girl Ruth, she is different. She can see Susie and also other ghosts. She can see how people are murdered. In reality there are people who can comunnicate with ghosts too. I think you know Char, the medium. She can connect with the death.

Some people think it’s all bullshit and don’t believe anything about ghosts or spirits of the death. They consider people crazy who believe in ghosts. I do believe in life after death and in people who can connect with death spirits. Although I don’t believe that everything on television is true. Like Derek Ogilvie, his tv shows are too extreme in my opinion. It is impossible that everything in his tv shows is true. Some people notice this too, that’s why there is a lot of comment on him. He uses a lot of smart methods to distract the public from what’s really important. He walks a lot and is very agressive, those things distract you from the fact if he is actually telling the truth. It is strange that Derek asks a lot of things to the audiance (like was he murdered?) but also say things and considers them facts (like he was murdered!).It is possible that he already have information about the audiance, that’s why he could consider some things facts. But that’s of course not for sure.

Life after death, also known as the afterlife, is impossible to be proved. There are so much theories about the afterlife. Every religion has their own theorie. Buddhists say that rebirth takes place without a soul passing from one form to another. When a person is hatred and greedy, rebirth in a lower realm takes place (like an animal). But on the other hand, when a person is generous and loving, rebirth in a happy realm takes place. The Islamic believe in a heaven and hell with different levels. Their level depends on their believe in The God and His Teachings. The Islam says that life on Earth is a test for the afterlife. The Jews just think that afterlife is a place where we all are destined to go after death.

Susie (the main character of my book) is still in ‘the inbetween’ because she hasn’t found peace with her death yet. She is still following her old life every day. After a year she notices that people are starting to forget her. She’s becoming one of the many little-girl-losts. People will see her as a letter from the passed, never reopened or reread. She is also following her murderer, George Harvey, who is never punished for his acts. In heaven Susie meets a lot of girls who are also murdered by mister Harvey. That is also one of the facts why she can’t let go of her life on Earth. She wants him to be cought for his murders and rapings. But the police finds no evidence.

I liked the book, I can empathize with Susie. The beginning of the story is the most exciting, first you don’t know how Susie is murdered and suddenly you know exactly how it happend. It’s thrilling because you know who did it, but the police doesn’t know it and Susie’s family can’t prove it. By the time her killer, George Harvey, all of a sudden disappears the story starts to get a little boring. But after all it was a great book! This week the film of the book comes in the cinema. Here you can see the trailer:

Lara van hellenberg Hubar, V5F



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  1. Wow what a heavy story. I really liked reading the blog. You really put your opinion foward, but I miss why you believe the afterlife. But nevertheless the book is something I would like to read after reading your post. It’s a very diffucult subject to write about, even to think about.
    I don’t know what I believe about the afterlife, I think there might be something after this life, but the contact like Char and Derek isn’t something I believe. I think you should gave more arguments about your opinion and a litle bit more about your feelings about the book. That would have made it more intresting, but I really liked reading it how it’s now.
    But I really want to know why for example you believe in the afterlife, why you empathize with Susie. If you work things like that out I really think it is a great blog.
    Your blog really made me think about things like the afterlife, the book sounds good but I don;t know much about that because it din’t appear in your blog.
    Also I think you coul have linked more, but that’s something less intresting than the things you write because that’s pretty good

  2. This blog about the book ‘the lovely bones’ reminds me of a Dutch book I read a few years ago. The story of this book sounds very similar to the story of the book I read. I read that book in a few days, because I really liked it. I think life after death is a very interesting subject.

    I don’t believe that after a persons death, there’s nothing left except memories. It just can’t be like that. Maybe I just want to believe this and receive signals from the people I loved that passed away.

    I think it’s funny that you think Derek Ogilvies shows are too extreme to be completely true. I like his shows and I don’t think that his extreme behaviour is a trick to distract the public from the things that are really important. When you buy tickets for one of his shows, you have to send your name, address, phone number and other data, but I don’t think you can find many personal data about someone. He often says things that almost nobody knows. And he can’t learn by heart information about all the people who come to his shows, which are a lot of people. Maybe he knows their names, but he don’t know how they look. I think he really can see ghosts. We wanted to go to one of his shows to see if he would know something about us, but we didn’t go yet. But I do hope we’ll visit his show later this year.


  3. Dear Lara,

    I think your post demonstrates how to use a topic of your choice and relate this to characters, events and themes in the discussed book. Job well done there. Your English is at the required level, but you should have looked up the difference between the noun “death” and the adjective “dead”.

    Mark: 7

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