Bridget Jones’ diary

By Katja

5th of January, the first Tuesday after the Christmas holiday.

Mr. van der Kruk reminded us that we almost had to finish or English book. Everybody nodded. (Ofcourse I totally forgot to borrow an English book or even to read one). So after the bell rang, I immediately went to the library. I was standing in front of the bookshelf and had already read over 20 covers. All sounded boring, difficult and not interesting. It was cold and I was still in my holiday-mood. So grapped Bridget Jones and decided she would help me through my first school weeks.

Every year a lot of people try it again. Most of them can not keep their promise. Still every year after the fireworks all those people are confinced that this year they will keep their promise and it will be different than last year.The main subject in the book are New Years resolutions, it is also the reason for writing the book.New year resolutions are not realistic.

It may be true that most people can not keep their new year resolution. However you can better try to keep your promise (even if it will not be for long). Instead of saying in advance you will not keep your promise. For example, if your new year resolution is to exercise more. You will start the first of january diligent. After a week you already decide to quit, then you at least exercised for seven days instead of nothing. It is also true if you say do not even try to keep your new year resolution. If you look at some simple statics. It will show you, that you might be the one that will not succeed because most of the people can not be strict for them self, for such a long period of time. For example, your new year resolution is to eat healthy then the following could happen. The first few days you will eat very healthy but after those days most people will crave to their favorite food. (That is not the healthy stuff most of the time). So after the healthy days you will eat so much, that it will be the same as a normal week only divided differently

Where do new year resolutions come from? The Babylonians started with New Year resolutions. They made a promise to god and believed that if they kept their promise, they would get something in return. Their promise was to bring back the borrowed farm tools and in return they would get a good harvest.

The author of Bridget Jones’s diaries is Helen Fielding. She was born on 19 February 1958 in Morley. She studied English at St. Anne’s college in Oxford. Her first novel was called cause celeb. The book had some great reviews, nevertheless it did not help to sell the book.From 1990 until 1999 she was a columnist for several newspapers like the Sunday Times, the Independent and the Telegraph. The book was not really meant to be written. She was asked to write about her single life in London. She found it too embarrassing to use her own name, so that is how the character Bridget Jones started to exist. Writing anonymously, helped her to be totally honest about the life of single girls in their mid-thirties. After a short period of time they revealed her identity and publishers asked her to write a book about the character Bridget Jones. As everybody knows, the book was a big success and in 2001 they made a film.

Some facts about the film. Renée Zellweger plays Bridget. Bridget is frustrated; in her early thirties, still single, and worried about her weight. She works in publicity at a book publishing company in London where her main focus is fantasizing about her boss Daniel Cleaver. Daniel Cleaver is played by Hugh Grant. Daniel Cleaver is a womanizer, Bridget is aware of this nevertheless she and Daniel start a relationship. Daniel commits adultery with a American woman and even marries her. Colin Firth plays Mark Darcy. He is the son of friends of Bridget’s parents. At first Bridget thinks Mark is boring and thinks she is a fool. Unexpectedly they have a lot of encounters.

The writing of the book is simple and that is what makes it easy to read. Helen fielding also uses funny language. A few words she uses in the book: Bunny boiler, Jellyfisher, One-Four-Seven-One, Pashmarried, v.g. Those words made the book funny and also keep you interested.I totally loved the book. Most of the time I find it hard to read but the style of writing is v.g. Also every new day she starts with a list of her progress in New Years resolutions. For example: 9st 4 (How? Why?), cigarettes 0 (good but only 8am.), alcohol units (entire wind bag swilling around in stomach), phone calls from mother 0 (but again, only 8am.), food items purchased 0, unruly household items tidied 0 (bad). I do have to say it is a book for girls. This is because of the main character. Bridget is a real girly girl and al her problems are very feminine. So if you are a boy and really do not understand girls, then read Bridget Jones’s diaries.


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  1. Dear Katja,

    You managed to write a very readable and informative post. Your English is at the required level and you use embedded and linked media efficiently. However, for your next post make sure your focus is more on the themes, characters and events in the book.

    Mark: 7,8

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