A Thousand Splendid Suns by Nina

Hi readers,

I read this great book ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ about the situation in Afghanistan. The author, Khaled Hosseini, describes in a great story the lifes of different people during the war in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan women have always been suppressed. The man decides who his daughter is marrying with, what his wife wears outside and where she can go. This is part of their religion, the Islam. Although the Islam has very beautiful aspects, the suppression in countries as Afghanistan is very serious.

The book tells the last thirty years of Afghanistan‘s history through the eyes of two women. When Mariam marries Rasheed, it’s about 1974. In that time there is a national war in Afghanistan. While the story continues, the situation changes. The Soviet Union invades and prevails, again there starts a national war against the Mujahideen. Later the Taliban is the one in control and after the attack on the Twin Towers, the United States invade Afghanistan. Then the war is a fact.

The United States and Afghanistan are in a conflict for a couple of years already. Also the Dutch government is involved in the war now. Our Prime Minister gave permission to send more soldiers into Afghanistan, to help the United States. Even the Dutch government collapsed over disagreements in the Afghanistan mission. Since 2006, 21 Dutch soldiers have been killed in the war. There were a lot of disagreements about sending in more soldiers.

When Bush started the war, first the population of the United States wasn´t really worried about it. But after a while they became very concerned. The war charged a lot of money and many soldiers were killed, it was time for a new president. President Obama promised to solve the situation in Afghanistan, but he only sent more soldiers in. How further? Almost the whole world is involved in the war, but for what? Obama unfortunately can´t just retreat, but some day the war has to stop.

Malalai Joya is an ex member of the parlement of Afghanistan. She flee from Afghanistan to Italy and Holland to tell us that controlling Afghanistan is making the situation worse. She is calling for protest against the government of your own country to stop joining the war. In Afghanistan you’ve got warlords in the parlement. Joya is wondering why people who broke up their own country now are building on their own country. They changed their beard for a suit, but they still have the same intention. Joya is one of the 300 exiled people in Afghanistan, she wants to turn back to the parlement to make Afghanistan a democracy, but it’s hard. She’s called the bravest woman in Afghanistan for fighting against the government.

She is fighting for human rights and especially for women. Almost 80% of the women in Afghanistan is a victim of violence, they sell their child for ten dollars and there isn’t freedom of speech. The situation is very bad at the moment. It’s heartbreaking to hear that selling childs is normal. You can almost link it to the slavery, where they also sold people. The slavery is something where the most people are feeling sick about, how is it possible that selling childs in Afghanistan is possible. I mean shouldn’t we protest against it. Can’t we do something without starting a war?

Actually Joya is calling for that. She wants to change the situation without the Western fighting in a war. I think we all have to join her, we have to make clear we are standing behind her. We don’t have to provoke a war, but we have to protest in silence. When the USA gives the government a reason to hate them, they will only resist more. I think it’s smart to fight in peace.

Shall we ever have a world without any war?                            

Shall we ever have a world with equality all over?                        

Shall we ever have a world where all countries can work together?          

Shall we ever have a world where we can say whatever we want wherever we are?                                                                                                                         

Shall we ever have a perfect world?                                                                    

I don’t think so.

All these statements are working against each other. If we want a world with equality all over, that also means there can’t be racism. But if we want a world where we can say whatever we want wherever we are, and you have racists thoughts, that’s conflicting. I think the bad things in the world have to be there to appreciate the good things. If the whole world is perfect and everything happening is great, we only want to have more and we probably go out to find something bad. Bad things and good things happening keep eachother in balance. But that doesn’t mean we can’t let the bad things make less bad. So I’m still saying let’s fight against the real struggles.

Nina Jansen


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One response to “A Thousand Splendid Suns by Nina

  1. Dear Nina,

    Good to see that you paid some attention to your tenses, in that area you have improved on your last post.

    This time however, you left some pretty basic spelling mistakes in as well as some awkward sentences. The plural for child is not childs. “How further” is a Dutchism. “marrying with” is also incorrect, in this case both the tense is incorrect (why a present continuous tense?) and also it is “to get married to someone”.Do not say I got married with someone. It is incorrect.

    What I would like you to do in your next post is, a) have someone proof read your material and b) show more knowledge of the book you read by remaining closer to the characters and developments in the book.

    Mark 6,5

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