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Twilight is a fascinating book about Edward, a very hot dangerous boy, and Bella, a naïve and beautiful girl from Phoenix. Edward is a vampire who can climb up trees, who does not eat, but only drinks blood and he can read your mind. Of course they fall in love..

The part I liked the most in the book is the part where Edward takes Bella to a open space in the woods. It is a really thrilling situation because Edward is a vampire who loves the taste of blood, and he loves the smell of Bella’s blood more than anything else. And even though he does not drink human blood but animal blood, it made me nervous. There is just the two of them so he can kill her if he wants to. I love the way Bella is acting in this part of the book. She trusts him so deeply, she is not afraid for him at all! The reason Edward took Bella to this place is to show her why he has to stay home when the sun is shining (in Forks, the place where they live, the sun is almost never shining, most of the time it is rainy and gray). When he steps into the sunlight his skin starts to shimmer, like there are thousands of diamonds hidden in his body. Stephenie Meyer describes the details so perfect, it feels like you are just sitting next to them, or better, if you are one of them.

At the end of the book Bella is being attacked by an other mean vampire who loves the smell of Bella’s blood also. This vampire, James, puts in poison when he bites her (vampires got poison in their teeths) so she would at last fade away and stops resisting. Edward is coming to save her. When he gets to her, she is already bitten. The only way to really save her, is to drink her poisoned blood. But there is a very big chance that when he starts to drink it, he can not stop himself. An other possibility to save her is to let the poison fill her body and mix with her blood. But this takes days of most terrible pain that exists and she would become a vampire herself. Bella would love to become a vampire, because vampires only die if they are torn apart and burned afterwards. They also don’t get older, so Edward is his age already for a amazing long time. Bella wants to stay with him for ever, and she does not want to get older when he is staying just the same. But Edward does not let the poison mix with the blood, because he thinks that when you are a vampire, you loose your soul. I think it’s a beautiful thing that Edward does drink her blood instead of letting her become a vampire. He wants her to keep her soul and does not take the egoistic decision, keeping her with him for ever.

I loved reading the book, but it had some weird effects on me. My opinion on boys who I liked to date went in a whole different direction after reading the book. Before, I always wanted a dream boy, the real prince on a big white horse who was soft and sweet, and never would do anything wrong to me. But after reading Twilight, I wanted a boyfriend like Edward, who made me shiver when he came in to a room, and who could not stay with me, but he neither could leave me.

An other consequence on my behaviour after reading the book was that I thought that people could read my mind. So I looked at people in the bus, on the street and at the dentist and started a conversation in my head with them. I would ask them questions like: “Where are you going to?” or “Are you a lucky man or woman?”. And I would test if they could hear me by asking them things like “Could you touch your nose?” or “Would you mind to look me right into the eyes right now?”. But of course I never asked impossible or really weird things, because I thought it was cool when I would find somebody who could read minds. And if I would ask them really weird things to do in the first few second of my conversation, the theory would probably fail immediately.

I guess in a way I fell in love with this character, this vampire. My search for a boyfriend didn’t become easer by this book. But if I’ll met the vampire of my dreams, I’ll let you.


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One response to “Twilight – Karlijn

  1. Dear Karlijn,

    You wrote an interesting post and I can clearly see you spent some time on it. I especially liked your personal interpretation and processing of the book. I do think you played it safe a bit by restricting yourself mainly to summarizing and not so much to an original question or argument.

    Your spelling is almost flawless, but your grammar can use some (advanced) feedback.

    You tend to overuse the present continuous in situation where you really don’t need to use this tense. For example:

    I love the way Bella is acting in this part
    he sun is almost never shining
    is being attacked

    All the above are instances where the present or past simple would be the correct option. (I love the way Bella acts, the sun never shines and Edward is attacked) Please look into this an find some online exercises to improve your grammatical awareness concerning the differences between these tenses.

    Mark 7,5

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