The wire – Kira Esparbé review

The Wire

The wire, an original television show about cops, gangsters, drugs, violence and weapons in the city Baltimore, Maryland, the VS. It is not just another series about the hard life in a ghetto and the cops and detectives trying to beat the bad guys. It is really original and different then other series, for instance ; one of the biggest gangsters in the serieus in Baltimore; Omar is (a black man) openly gay and has a boyfriend and the detective; Kima Greggs is a lesbian and she has a girlfriend. There is sex and nudity in the series and the personages swear a lot. The series is about real problems; take the drugs, a big problem in almost every country and in every ghetto. David Simon, the producer, said that a lot of his personages in the series are based on people who really live in Baltimore. David Simon wanted the series to be real as possible. And unlike most television crime dramas, which neatly introduce and then solve a case all in the space of one hour, The Wire follows one single drug and homicide investigation throughout the length of an entire season.

Not just the gangsters are bad guys in this series, also the cops who should be the good guys, are bad. Some gangsters are even sweeter/nicer then the police. The series shows corruption in a police-station, aggressive cops, drunken officers and real asses of men. Jimmy McNulty is for example a real bastard who messed up his marriage and doesn’t see his children a lot.

At first, the Wire was not very popular, but after the last season came out it became one of the best watched series in history. Every season of the series has another theme, season one is about the drugs scene, season two about the harbour, season three about the policy, season four about the education and season five about the media. The Wire uses creative,  funny and compelling characters that can make you laugh, cry, and think. …

The series is not very easy to understand, you really have to be awake and pay attention because they are not going to explain every little thing that just happened in the series. You have to figure it out by yourself. They use a lot of slang, but you get used to that after a while.

President Obama once said that the Wire is his favoured TV-show and that his favoured personage is Omar, the black gay-gangster, funny…

The Wire did not win any Emmy or any price although most of the TV-reviewers praise the series, mainly for his realism. This probably is because David Simon worked a lot of years as a police reporter for the Baltimore Sun and he lived in Baltimore. So he knows how to sketch a realistic picture, because he used his own experience, he used what he saw in Baltimore, he used the realest of the realest material.

The series The Wire; it will leave you wanting more…

The Wire


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  1. Well done, you left in some typos though. Mark 7,5

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