The Wire

Baltimore City is a city with a lot of crime. Murders, drugs and gang wars are every day issues in Baltimore. The streets are a hard place to work and to live, it’s easy to go on the wrong path. Many people in the low rises choose to work in the drugs world. It’s a hard life, if you do anything wrong you will disappear in a blow. It’s a risky way of getting money but it pays off. For the police this is a hell of a job. They don’t know what to do against these gangs and they don’t have any informants. They start from scratch and need to get the main Drugskingpins of Baltimore City. This is were the Wire starts.

The Wire is very dark, realistic series and it isn’t your average police series with a happy ending each episode. The darkness comes from the fact that it’s very pure. No bright lights, no tons of make-up, no fancy cars, no nice offices, it is all very pure. The streets are poorly maintained and the policemen have nothing to work with. The main policemen are Jimmy McNulty and Kima Greggs, both are very talented policemen but both have attitude or other issues. McNulty makes the series kind of dark, because he is a asshole, a good cop, cranky and a bad dad. All these things makes him an unusual cop, this is why you either love him or hate him.

The series is very realistic because of the fact that you don’t have good guys or bad guys. There is something wrong with every character, this is why you can love the policemen and the criminals. You get to see real humans that aren’t perfect. The other thing that makes it very real is the fact that it is a long term project. In the first couple of episodes nothing gets solved. In ,for example, CSI every episode multiple crimes gets solved. It is what you like, but a long term project is much interesting.

David Simon, the writer, has experienced the Baltimore police department in real life. He was a crime journalist and experienced lots of things. Many of the characters in the Wire are based on people Simon met in the Baltimore police department, that results in very good, strong and realistic characters. The co-writer is Ed Burns, he is a former Baltimore police detective and he uses his experiences in his writing. So the writers both have experienced the Baltimore police department and that’s a thing you certainly can see in the series.

The Wire is a strong police series. It deals with controversial issues like being gay, it gives a good view on the American society. But the main thing that makes it a good series is the fact that you can see botch sides, and you can love both sides. There are no good guys or bad guys. You can love the criminals and the cops. They all are just humans trapped in the same system.


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