The Wire, HBO

Series: The Wire

Produced by David Simon


The Wire is a police series and set in inner-city Baltimore. Throughout five seasons you follow Jimmy McNulty, the other policeman and their supervisor Cedric Daniels as they pursue the criminal Avon Barksdale. What makes The Wire stand out is the fact that largely the show focuses on a single crime: a drug and homicide investigation, which the characters try to solve throughout the entire season. Unlike most other television police series who introduce and than solve a case in only one our. The show also focuses on other crimes in Baltimore. But the main “villain” is the drug king Avon Barksdale. They try different ways to come closer to the man who sits behind the whole drug trade. He is the one the detectives and their supervisor want to catch.

According to David Simon, the producer of the series, he and his writers aren’t out to “change the world”. He just wants to document how his characters survive in their world. Although the story tells us about social systems in all their complexity, and the harsh inner-city life, it’s not means as a serious drama. It’s a very human story, which has a funny side and a entertaining side. It’s considered to be one of the best shows by a wide audience.

The wire is a show on cable channel HBO (home box office). Most things on American television is fairly tame compared to what you can see on cable channels like HBO. Because most of these shows are geared towards an adult audience. So most shows on HBO show a fair amount of nudity and sex. Compared to The Wire you can recognize these issues in the series.

One of the few criticisms about the show is that things simply take too long to solve. What makes the show unique is also one of the things that might turn people off from the show. Because people shouldn’t expect crime to be solved in a single show: it takes about the entire season.

The Wire is probably one of the best television series because of the message it brings the watcher. The story line has a lot of ideas behind it and is based on different ideas. Every part begins with a proverb which they return later on. During the series you need to put your mind to it, you really need to focus otherwise you can’t follow it. Still, it is an engrossing show, though it’s obviously not for everyone.

There are a lot of characteristic contrasts in the series what makes it more special. For example a homosexual who plays the superhero but on the other hand commit a robbery. There is also a police officer who is lesbian and a bit stereotype but also really attractive to man. She doesn’t look like she is a stereotype lesbian. Because of this the series is very realistic and you can empathize in all of the characters the series brings you.

Lana Fisscher


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