Wired to “The Wire” , The Wire Review by RutgerP

Wired to “The Wire”

The Wire, a fairly new series now airing on Dutch television on RTL7, in this case watched by illegal download. After watching the first few episodes, the slow pace in which it evolves appalled to me. It’s rather comforting to watch the show and look out for the next episode unlike other series that handle one case per episode. This is better in a way. Although this also has a downside, the  length of an episode is by this feature longer than normal series, it takes more time to explain a problem that is worthy to be stretched out over a whole season. An hour of watching is a bit long and wasn’t the best choice they could have made for the series. Because when its on TV u don’t want to spend one and a half hours glued to the couch watching the series plus commercial breaks, it’s just to darn long. Enough about the cons more pros are required and delivered. The acting was amazing, just simply stunning, Dominic West should get an “Emmy” for best drunken acting. Actually not just Dominic West should get an Emmy the whole crew should get one separately, all them have delivered top performance. Using all the elements in their play, throwing connections using the situation to form the most truest picture, in comparison to reality. For an instance take Andre Royo who plays Bubbles, he is the best hobo addict! It’s like if he was on the drug for a few months to get the feeling for playing the role in the series. It’s like the reality drive of this series is on “overdrive” and maybe that’s what makes this series so awesome in a way. The way how the Bureaucracy of the American police and justice system seems to fail them in performing a just and righteous job. In some aspecst they also went to far in realism, trying to put everything in one series does not work. The fact that there are 2 homosexual couples in this series, it does take the edge of the issue that still stands in the USA with homosexuality, but now they are over doing it, and thats not realy a good thing .If this was ment to be like the writer David Simon wanted, we should ask him personally, but the fact stands that this way of acting in a cop series is never before shown on national television.
Giving this series a 6.5 out of 10 doesn’t mean its bad, but it isn’t awesome either, the acting sure hightens the mark, but not significantely enough to even out the bad factors of the series. The story is to streched out and overrated so a 6.5 is a reasonable mark.

And now some FUN facts:
Most spoken word: Fuck
Most funny word: Shitstorm
Funniest scene: Where McNulty slides of a hill, drunk (hilarious!)
Most horrific scene: Where the boyfriend of Omar is found dead on the car
Best trick in the series: The “Red-Hat” trick

And with this “I” rest my case



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  1. Much better than your previous posts. But you still seem to have to work on bridging the gap between your extended vocab on the one hand and your poor spelling on the other.

    Mark 7

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