First there were The Sopranos, now there is The Wire.

The first time I saw The Wire was a few months ago. I was watching it with my dad and we both didn’t want to stop looking at it. We felt like we were in it. We were making that drug deal, we were arresting that criminal, we were running for our lifes. And we did all that while sitting on our couch in our slightly dull life.

I think that is why The Wire is so popular: we can live the life of interesting people

with all the advantages but without the disadvantages. We can have the adrenaline of the drugdeal, but at the end of the day we don’t have to fear for our lifes.

The Wire made me think about The Sopranos. There you also get a look in criminal minds. But there is one essential difference between these two: The Wire doesn’t have stereotypes. I loved, that the big drug dealer Omar little (played by Michael K. Williams) and the female detective Kima Greggs (played by Sonja Sohn) where both  gay. The fact that the main character agent McNulty (played by Dominic West) was such a jerk, only increases my admiration for the atypical stereotypes of the series. The series is based on real people who live in Baltimore (Baltimore is the setting of the series) . This series are so realistic, as the writer (David Simon) and the co-writer (Ed Burns) both had to deal with these people in real life. This because Ed Burns used to be a cop and David Simon used to be a crime reporter for The Baltimore Sun. And when I saw that the “bad-guys” also had a human side, I even had empathy for them.

There is just one thing I would like to say: The Wire is waiting for you!


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