Review – The Wire – Karlijn

I didn’t really liked watching The Wire, but that probably isn’t because it has a bad story or anything. But we had only watched like four episodes and for me it was to hard to remember all of the characters because there were so many. So, to give a interesting review anyhow, I’ll try to judge the acting. I think that the protagonist (Dominic West as Agent James (Jimmy) McNulty) is a great actor. I like the way he works with his eyebrows, wrinkling a lot or the way he pulls them way up when he is surprised or anything. I think it is interesting how he shows his emotion by just changing a little thing in his eyebrows. Then you have Daniels, played by Lance Reddick. Although I didn’t like to watch him in the four episodes that we saw, I think he does it well. I didn’t like him because he makes me feel nervous all the time. Even when he relaxes there is some kind of tightness in his face and in his body but on the other hand, this is what makes him Play so good also. Because you get tensed, you focus more on what is happening, you lean in to the television. And that is what the makers of The Wire want you to do. The wire has many more characters (that is why it is so hard to follow in the beginning) but what I like about the most characters is that all off them have something weird. And both the police and the gangs have good and bad sides, so it are quite complex characters to play. I think the actors did a great job, and The Wire is probably really nice to watch, when you get through the beginning.


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