Dear John by Nicholas Sparks.

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks.

Love brought them together while fate tear them apart.

Dear John is a love story about an army sergeant, John Tyree. He falls in love with Savannah Lynn Curtis. He was an angry rebel who had nothing else to do after high school so he joined the army. She was working for Habitat for Humanity and was attending college in North Carolina.
They met each other at the pier on the beach and quickly fell in love. Both weren’t prepared for this. John had his to weeks of leave from the army and Savannah had to go back to school after the summer.
But the love was so strong they both knew it all going to be all right when he came back from his tour of duty.
But no one was prepared for 9/11. The whole world changed including theirs. John must choose between his love and his country. And she has the choice to wait, or to move on.
Everybody knows what happened on September 11th. Two airlines crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York City. It was a coordinated suicide attack by al-Qaeda. They hijacked four passenger airlines. Two crashed in New York City into the Twin Towers, the third one crashed into the Pentagon in Arlington (Virginia) and the other airline crashed into a field near Shanks Ville in rural Pennsylvania. Because its passengers and crew had taken control of the plane they didn’t crash into Washington, D.C. which the hijackers were planning on. 
Both of the buildings collapsed and many people were killed. From the flights there were no survivors.

John is one of the many soldiers who are forced to choose deployment to Iraq, as the United States launches the War on Terror. The United States felt that the terrorist attack was a declaration of the war on the United States. They also invaded Afghanistan to dispose the Taliban who were harbouring the al-Qaeda terrorists.
Apart from the United States but also in many other countries were fighting the war on terrorism.

The writer does not go into how the characters are effected by the attacks and does not go very deep into this subject, but you can feel that it is the main reason the characters change in the book. For me it was something I particularly liked in the book. The writer tells the story in a smooth and easy way, and the emotions were very strong during the September 11 Attacks.
The book has also been filmed and directed by Lasse Halsström, and adapted by screenwriter Jamie Linden. Channing Tatum plays John in the movie and Amanda Seyfrield is Savannah. I would recommended both of them if you like romantic drama’s.

Lana Fisscher, V5G.


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