Since I’m completely new in the world of blogging and I have no experience with writing blogs at all, I take a lot of comfort in the fact that no one propbably will ever read this. That is totally fine to me, since I’m not a celebrity or a member of the Royal family I am not under the impression that any stranger will ever take interest in my thoughts. Yet I am going to tell something about myself because apparently, that is what bloggers do. I’ll start off with the boring, standard summation of my name, age and place I live, which are respectively ‘Tessa’, ‘seventeen years old’ and ‘Amsterdam’. On this blog I am going to contribute bookreviews, not because I think is dying to hear my opninion but because I want to pass my English class. Though writing these reviews is not my own initiative I do love writing and I therefore look forward to working on this project. And maybe there is someone, somewhere who will read my updates… A girl can dream, right?


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