Introduction Jamiro

A couple of years ago I was really into the Lord of the Rings. I thought the movies were great and everything I did I tried to connect it to the movies. Not just me but also all my neighbourhood friends. We recreated different scenes in the park near my house. After a couple of years being possesed by the movie I wanted to read the books after my dad told me there is more up to the story than the big storyline they show. The moment I saw the books I didn’t think about reading them, they had to many pages. I changed my mind the moment my curiousity grew to big.

I wasn’t to be stopped reading my book or else I would get mad at everything around me. Once I get reading a book I get so taken over that I want to read it as fast as I can and nothing can stop me. This is still my problem. I enjoy reading a lot but starting on a book just takes a long time. There are just too much other things that are easier to just do for half an hour such as watching TV.

When I was younger this was different, I read tons of books. I would finish a book in a day or two and immediately start on the next one. But I must say I enjoyed LotR a lot especially because I was in a period when that was the thing to know everything about.

This is me when it comes down to reading books.


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