Hi everybody!

My name is Eline and this year I am going to post about books, movies, tv series and music. In order to introduce myself I am going to tell something about my favourites.

Most books I have read were dutch, but I have read a couple of English books. Of these book I by far liked “The boy in de striped pyjamas” the best. I am not really a reading person, but this book I didn’t mind reading. It is about a little boy who’s father is a nazi in WOII, slowely he finds out what his father is doing.  The book  really gets to you and you don’t stop thinking about it when you finish. This book has been turned into a movie, which I  haven’t seen.

Then to a more interesting subject: TV series and movies. I am kinda addicted to a couple TV series. I follow:

  • the big bang theory
  • grey’s anatomy
  • house

I am the most addicted to grey’s anatomy, but I don’t even know why I like it. I guess it has become a habbit. I don’t have a favourite movie. I like different types of movies. It really matters in what sort of mood I am in. I do hate horror. I just can’t watch that. There is one movie I would really like to see. I haven’t seen Inception yet, but I promised myself I will soon.

I like bands, when I listen to msuic. Not any in particular though. I like to listen to music when I cycle to school and when I am doing homework.




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