Hey everyone! As this is meant as a short introduction: my name is Stef, I live in Diemen, I am 17 years old and go to Het Amsterdams Lyceum.

As you might already know, this site is for reviewing books, English. Books you say? Yes books. Too bad I actually don’t read a lot. Quite bad, because it is not that I don’t like reading, I just don’t do it when I have some time for myself. I’d rather watch a movie instead. But of course, sometimes (mostly because of school) I open a book once in a while and I have a good time reading it, I have to admit. I’m not going to name some books, I don’t have enough (English) reading experience to that.  Of other stuff I like doing, music is number one I guess. Instead of reading when I have little free time, I search the internet, trying to find new music. I listen to every genre, from rock to hip-hop, from jazz to soul and so on.

I think this will do as a short introduction. Soon I will post a review of a book I did read. Whether I enjoyed it or not, you will find out!


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