My Songs

Hi there,
My name is Marcelle, I’m sixteen years old.
What I really like to do is listen to music. I wish that I could tell you I’m really good at singing, playing the guitar, or even just knowing how to work with a triangle, but all that I’m really good at is listing to it. And googleing the artist so I have something to talk about. Of course now is the time I should tell you what kind of music it is that I listen to, but that kind of differs, mostly it’s old music, music my dad listens to, like The Beatles, The Byrds, Velvet Underground or Jeff Buckley. My favoutite band is The Kinks

I listen to some ‘new’ music as well. Moslty from English bands. The genre is hard to discribe,  sometimes it’s Indie Pop sometimes it’s  Alternative Rock, like Eels. I also listen to singer-songwriters like Amos Lee.

When I’m not listening to music (or even when I am), I meet up with my friends, play hockey or work as a babysitter.

That’s it about me!



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