Following the rules versus common sense

Suppose that what you think you can’t say, that you always have to pay attention and that there aren’t really friends around you. This book, 1984, tells us the story about a government which controls every human feeling and habit. The main character is Winston who acts differently than he really thinks. Somewhere in the book Winston has to believe two plus two is five, because the government (Party) says it is. Typical for this book is that, because people don’t have any right to think what they want. Also, Winston has an affair with a girl what is actually forbidden.

I’m going to link this book with the boy who can’t stay in the Netherlands because he’s eighteen. It is interesting because of the role of community and government. Mauro is an eighteen year old boy who came to the Netherlands when he was eight. The law says that he has to return to Angola because he is eighteen now. Meanwhile his request to stay in the Netherlands has been rejected. Why should he return to his mother country where he is in fact a stranger after so many years living abroad. He doesn’t speak the language and doesn’t have anything there. The problem is that Mauro is a human being and we do have human feelings, but the
law says: when someone has become eighteen he or she has to return to his home country. This is suppression of the human feeling that Mauro has to return because the law says this, but he has parents and his own life here. In the book 1984 occur this all the time. In 1984 the inhabitants (prolers) have to follow the rules, because the government has all the powder.  There is a moment of two minutes of hate each day. They have to hate the enemy of Big Brother. He is the leader who rules Oceania, but no one knows him. Winston doesn’t like this two minutes, but he has to do it. In the world where he is living he can’t trust anybody, everyone can betray him even the kids of his neighbours. For example, when Winston is caught and stays in the Ministry of Love, there is a man who is betrayed by his own kids! It seems horrible to me, but it gives me a good picture of how life
could be. And I think the link between Mauro and this book gives me the feeling that human rationality is more important than whatever rules we have. Our minister, Gert Leers, can decide otherwise but he refuses to.

At the end of 1984 Winston was indoctrinated by O’Brien (an Inner Party Member) and he confessed everything. Indeed he betrayed Julia while he’s caught in a cage around his head with his biggest fear: rats. This was the missing piece for O’Brien and he was released in the tight regime of Big Brother.

I like this book especially when I knew that it was written in 1949. The writer was right in certain points.The telescreens for example, watch we live now we can’t life without electronics. A predictive book for that time.

I hope our government will not turn into such a government only acting according rules and laws. {lease don’t stop thinking and acting according reasonable principle of our social society.

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