1984 in Historical Context

1984 in Historical Context

When he served in the British colonial he despised the upper class and the almost fascist ways surpressing the Burmese people and and so when he was free from duty in 1927 he resigned. His hate for the Stalinist regime came later in 1936 when he came in contact with it during the Spanish civil war where the Sowjet favoring regime killed all the people who were a member of the Marxistic party POUM. He also got the idea for the ministry of truth when he he worked for the ministry of info in england which did similar things as the ministry of truth.

When the  book was written in 1948/1949 was only just becomming clear what the fascist reign of Hitler had costed in human lives. It was also becomming clearer how he managed to stop the german people from revolting, and how he managed to indoctrinate an entire generation. At that time it was not so clear what was happening in eastern europe and Russia. He still could not be sure of what was happening in those countries. Sure they news from people who fled from Russia but such news was rare because most people who tried to flee died.

In the present we do know what happened in the Sowjet countries and we can read this book with more knowledge about the Sowjet regimes, also those that followed that of Stalin.

INGSOC, the name of the party in the book whe soc stands for socialism just like in the nsb in the Netherlands(nationaal socialistische beweging) and in the USSR (united sowjet socialist republic) and the other parties also resemble a socialist idea like Neo-Bolshevism and Obliteration of the Self. In the second it is more a tool that socialism used to keep control over the inhabitants of the country or in the case of the book those three super states.

He did already know about how Hitler used rhetoric and speeches to make the German population follow him, and do what he wanted. He even had a entire ministry of propaganda (also a bit like the ministry of truth in 1984) where they made the Jews look terrible, according to him the Jews were like rats they are spread everywhere. And he made himself look like this awesome leader and brilliant strategist. He even said that the Germans were a superior race. In 1984 the same thing happens, they have this great leader Big Brother and he always makes the right decision and always predicts the outcomes of the war right and if he doesn’t he changes the history so that he did have it right all along. Stalin even did the very same thing as the ministry of truth. And most of the people bought it. And the ones who did not buy it get picked out and killed. Or in the case of 1984 they get tortured until they like Big Brother. I also have this nice video of The Great Dictator which i find really nice


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