Lack of personal expressions and music

It would surely “suck” to live in 1984 of George Orwell. Except lack of freedom, privacy and enjoyment there’s no way of expressing yourself. All the people in the book seem to be some kind of emotion and expressionless, but this could never be real. Every person has their own emotions and his own way of expressing himself. Without your own opinion, expressions and emotions everyone would be “the same person”. One way of expressing yourself is expressing emotions with music. Most of the people get inspired by music and sometimes it even affects peoples whole lifestyle.

The only music people hear in the book are songs written by the party to promote their events. This can never be ? for people to hear. Continually being overloaded by the same song will make it boring, but if you don’t like the song it will also bring up a lot of irritation. Of course letting everyone listen to the same song helps generalization, but there will soon be an anti-commotion, containing all the people that hate the song. Also, I think everybody needs an certain amount of music or another way of expression to prevent becoming some kind of weird creature which messes up all his thoughts and feelings. If you can’t express yourself you can get mad or depressive, which can possibly result in making you do weird stuff like cutting yourself.

However, there are a couple of old songs which still are remembered by some people, like this one:

“You owe me three farthings, says the bells of St Martins,

When will you pay me? Say the bells of old bailey…..”

Winston heard only the first part of the song, and then he wants desperately find out how the whole song goes, just to hear another song because he’s sick and tired of the songs of the parties.

People also express their self with their clothes. You can see what kind of person someone is by looking at his or her clothes. In 1984 the clothes of most people aren’t described. We only know that Winston walks around in his blue jacket from the party. I assume that the party only allows one kind of clothes in the shops to improve the generalization. And if this is the case, there are probably a lot of people who don’t like it and it’ll make them feel uncomfortable by wearing it.

Besides there isn’t any art in 1984. Art helps people expressing their self and because of making art they might think of something else. Without any kind of art the world would be very boring and colorless.  I think this would make the world too depressive and make people moods more “down”. This would make people more grumpy to each other, which results in more irritations, arguing and fights between people. This would also cause more commotion on the streets.

With all these commotion the party would never keep their power. The dissatisfaction will be too big to control and a lot of people will start to rebel against the party. Expressing yourself is part of being human. People will never accept the regime of the party when you can´t be a human. That’s why the Party would never last long.

Patrick Thonhäuser




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