Everyone has secrets


A pretty little liars novel

Flawless is the second book in the pretty little liars series, written by Sara Shepard. The cover is orange with a doll on it. The series is about four high school students; Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer. There is also a TV series based on the books with the same name. The first book taught us that their friend, Alison, went missing three years ago and at the end that she was murdered. In the time Alison was missing the other girls lost contact. This book continues with the story of the four girls who live in Rosewood. It begins with a prologue.

At the end of the previous book, at the funeral of Alison, all the girls received a text message sent by a blocked number. The text says: I’m still here bitches. And I know everything. -A.

They are all shocked because they have no idea who this might be. They are afraid it’s about The Jenna Thing (an incident which happened five years ago). In short, the five girls wanted to avenge Toby Cavanaugh, Jennas stepbrother. So Alison set off fireworks near Tobys treehouse and there started a fire, leaving Jenna (who was inside the treehouse) blinded.                                                                                                                They agree to contact each other as soon as they would receive another text. They all receive texts from A but it tells personal and secret information only Alison knew, so they don’t tell. The whole book is about finding out who A is, because A is destroying their lives by telling everyone about their secrets. Each girl has her own problems and secrets and they all have their own chapters.                                                                    Spencer is a smart girl and she always gets A’s. Although she’s very intelligent, it’s hard for her to compete with her older sister Melissa. Spencers chapters are mostly about her family and her boyfriend Wren.           Emily is a very sweet and sporty girl, who has found out that she might be gay. She gets a few encounters with Toby Cavanaugh and she starts to get feelings for him.                                                                             Hanna is a girl who cares a lot about her looks. Hanna has problems with her best friend Mona and she wants her ex-boyfriend Sean back.                                                                                                                       After Alisons disappearance Aria moved to Iceland with her parents but she moved back to Rosewood. Her father was cheating on his wife (Arias mother) and Aria knew about it. Aria will get a relationship with Sean.

There is a charity party, called Foxy, approaching to which the four pretty little liars will go. At this part of the book, the stories of the girls come together. Hanna and Spencer believe that the person with whom Emily went to Foxy, might be A. But is this person really A? The book ends with a thrilling search for Emily.

Flawless is a very girly but thrilling book. A good thing about it is that every girl has her own story and that they’re pretty individual and not put together in one big, messy story. I especially liked Spencers chapters.       I recommend Flawless to everyone (but mainly girls) because it has an exciting and very original storyline. If you’ve read the novel and liked it, then you should really watch the TV series.

All together, I loved this book and I will definitely read the following one!


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