The Cry Of The Owl : An unexpected and impossible love.

 Patricia Highsmith wrote ‘The Cry Of The Owl’ in 1962. It was her eighth book from a 22-part series psychological thrillers. Her stories take you into the thoughts of the characters en they show you the world from a whole different side. Highsmith was a really succesful writer so time after time there was a lot expected from her. The Cry Of The Owl was well received, but didn’t get any prizes like other books of Highsmith did. The story is also filmed (trailer :, but the book was clearly more popular.

 The believe in fate is in the book an important subject. Perhaps because she believed in it herself, but while you’re reading the book it makes you think about it. Maybe two persons are meant to be together and maybe it is written in the stars when it’s time to go.

 ‘Do you believe in strange encounters?’

He looked at her face. ‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean – accidents, I guess. Like meeting you tonight.

People who meet by accident are destined to meet.’

 The story gets going rather slow and it had my total attention at half only. On the other hand raised the book questions, what made me wanted to read further. Personally I think that that’s a very important aspect for a good book.

 You are going to look at the story in three different ways. Namely the ways how the main characters the situation are seeing it ; Robert Forrester, Jenny Thierwolf and Greg Wyncoop. It’s very clear wich person you follow in wich part, so that isn’t confusing.

 Robert is a lonely man who suffers from depressions since he was a child. He and his wife Nicki are living in New York, but when Robert gets a job in Langely, he has to move to that little town all by himself. One day, when Robert is sitting in his car, another car passes. It’s Jenny’s car. He is stunned by her beauty and follows her and because of his loneliness he watches her often through her kitchen window. Jenny feels that someone is watching her and she sends her fiance Greg often outside to look if someone is around.

One day, when Greg has to leave town for a business trip, Jenny hears something outside and caughts Robert. First she’s scared, but later she feels sorry for him and invites him to come in. Soon they become friends and Jenny falls in love with Robert. Greg finds out about the affair and triest to kill Robert. After a fight between the two, Greg falls in a River but Robert saves him. The next day Greg is missing and everyone thinks Robert has killed him, even Jenny. Untill Robert is being shot and a lot more other people are being killed.

New York is a very important city in the books of Highsmith. Probably because she grew up there herself. Also was Highsmith fascinated by death, just like the main character Jenny. This way she made her books personal. Patricia Highsmith died in 1995 so she will not write any new books, but I definitely would read more stories, that she already wrote.


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