The Knife Of Never Letting Go

The Knife Of Never Letting Go

The Knife Of Never Letting Go is a book by Patrick Ness in the series “Chaos Walking’. The book is aimed for young adult readers. It could be described as a fictive youth book with a slight touch of Ness’s phylosophic ideas. Typical subjects like growing up to become a man, romance, and wether to choose the act of using violence or not. Deeper thinking can be encouraged by example: he plays with the idea of people hearing each other’s thoughts, and what an emigration to another planet to start a new life there, would actually result in.
Personally, I liked the book. Addictive, exciting, adventurous, but not really cheesy: this, and the fact that multiple subjects are in this book, makes that, it’s a good book.

At the first page, you’re thrown right into the story. You have to get used to reading about a boy talking to his dog.
The story is about Todd Hewitt, the last boy in Prentisstown. Soon he will become a man too. There are only men in Prentisstown. His knowlage of the history of Prentisstown is little. What he’s been told is that all women where killed by a germ released by the Spackle’s, alien natives, who lived there before mankind came. Another effect of this germ is that all men can hear each other’s thoughts, called ‘Noise’
One day at the swamp, Todd suddenly ‘hears’ a hole in the Noise. He doesn’t knows how to deal with it. The word ‘Silence’ passes his mind for the first time.
Soon he finds out that what he knows, is not what is true, and he has to make a run for it.

This may seem cheesy, but all turns in this book are suprising and unexpected.
Also, my summary seems short, but if I told more, the effect of suprise is gone.

So, another positive review, next to the positive reviews from big names like The Times, The sunday Telegraph, The Guardian, and many more. It got a few prizes, in 2008 it got two called ‘The Booktrust Teenage Prize, and ‘The Guardian Award.’

Conclusion: this book was maybe a little childish, and some people can still find it soft. But at its time, there’s nothing wrong with a soft book. Wich also reminds you of those stories you used to dreamed of when you where a kid.


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