The Hungergames written by Nina van Velzen V5G

                                                           THE HUNGERGAMES


Imagine: You’re between the age of 12 and 18 and you have to play a game. Not just a game, it’s the Hungergames. You’re fourteen years. When you’re a girl at the age of fourteen you just started to menstruate and as a boy you get your first hair on your chin.                                         You live in a disctrict. In each disctrict the mayor has to pick two lots. Not for the lottery but two lots with the two names which are going to the Hungergames. The change that the lot is yours is small. But when you’re the one, the one who has to play the Hungergames you must convert a button in your head. There is no turning back, you have to deal with it. The Hungergames will change your life into a nightmare.                                                                          As a girl you were maybe afraid of blood but in the Hungergames the only thing that you want to see is blood. Because blood means death and the death of another person means that you’re a step closer to win the game and go home.                                                                               Katniss is that kind of girl. She is not that kind of girlish girl: She hunts, can shoot with bow and arrow as the best and she knows no fear for the forbidden forest and the As. Katniss is picked when she volunteers to go in place of her younger sister, who was picked in The Reaping (the process were a boy and a girl will be picked from each disctrict other than the Capitol, which is the cruel, who will compete in the games) orinally.

The Hungergames is written by Suzanne Collins (!/pages/Suzanne-Collins/59360226921). She writes in a way which is unpredictable, that you can bend your emotions without bias. Writing like this keeps you guessing untill the last second about any situation.There is an amazing open end which will contained in the next book of the serie.

Ask yourself if you could survive, alone in the wilderness.                                                          When everyone around you wants you death.
Winning the game means eternal fame and wealth.
Losing the game means death.
And nothing is less true.
Of the twelve districts going there from each district two to the games.
Twenty-four will compete against each other. Only one can survive the game. Or nevertheless two?
Overall, The Hungergames made me angry, happy, sad and stunned at the same time.
This book won several awards. And now, after I read the book The Hungergames get another award. The best book which is ever read by Nina van Velzen.
You all have to read the Hungergames and answer my question!
Nina van Velzen V5G

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