Gordon Korman, born in 1963, is a very experienced writer, he has already written 75 books and he was twelve years old when he wrote his first one. In 2002 he published Son of the Mob, a fictive book for young adults.

Vince Luca is looks like an ordinary adolescent, he is busy with studying, dating and such activities. There’s one difference, his father is the head of a big criminal organization in New York. He could get some nice advantages out of this, a nice sports car or enough money to do what he wants. He rejects this and wants to have nothing to do with the organization. But the effects of his father are inevitable involving in his life. At football they don’t dare to tackle him because they know who his father is, when he’s on a date with a girl he suddenly founds a body in the trunk of his car and teachers give him higher marks because they’re afraid for his father. It’s almost impossible for Vince to get away from the mob. When he’s dating a nice girl named Kendra he finds out that her father works for the FBI and that he’s the agent who is trying to get Vince’s father into jail. At the same time he is trying to help Jimmy Rat who owes his father a lot of money. At this way he’s getting more into the mob and he is photographed by the FBI while he was doing mob stuff. Kendra sees the picture and breaks up. Because of the ‘Jimmy Rat case’ he has also problems with his dad. How should he get Kendra back and get out of the mob again?

It’s has some typical High school scenes in it which makes it easy for youngsters to recognize themselves in it. You could say that it has a bit a Romeo and Juliet theme in it. An impossible relationship which isn’t given up by the lovers.

In 2006 Gordon Korman published a sequel named ‘Son of the Mob, Hollywood Hustle’. In this book Vince moved to Los Angeles to study and to get away from his mob family. He has ordinary problems for a student until some guests from the East Coast arrive. It seems like that his father is expanding the operations to Los Angeles.

Gordon Korman wrote an easy to read book, which takes you into the world of the mob. It’s an interesting and creative subject and you want to know the plot so you read on. I think most persons of this age would accept Vince’s life in luxury, so it’s interesting to read why he rejects such a life and has struggles with all the consequences of his father being a mob. There’s some humor in it and it takes some unexpected turns which make it exciting.

I think many youngsters would like this book, especially boys, because of the funny writing and the excitement in there. I would recommend you anyway this book and I think the sequel is nice to read too.

Erwin Kruisbrink, V5H


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