Holes – Louis Sachar

Holes by Louis Sachar

Holes is a novel, written by Louis Sachar in 1998. The story is about a overweight boy Stanley Yelnats. Stanley is going to Camp Green Lake. Which is a boys’ juvenile detention centre. Stanley is accused of stealing shoe’s from a charity auction. Although he didn’t do it, he was sent to Camp Green Lake. At Camp Green Lake, all the boys have to dig a hole every day the same size, to build character. The boys are in groups of 7, Stanley is in Group D. The other boys are: Armpit, Zero, ZigZag, X-Ray, Magnet and Squid. The warden says they dig holes to create character and learn from their mistakes. But Stanley finds out that the warden, who owns the camp, is looking for something, thats buried in the dessert. Its a treasure thats been in the dessert for many years. The book is mostly about the friendship between Stanley and Zero. Zero is also at the camp and talks to nobody except Stanley. He can’t read and Stanley learns him how to read if Zero helps him to dig holes. They become friends and that shows that one of the thems of the book is friendship.

Holes is a great book, what you won’t expect before reading it. It isn’t just a book about digging holes at a camp, but is really fun to read. You will rush through the book because how closer you come to the ending the more excited it gets. Its a really original book with an original writing style. During the story, Stanley tells you some stories about his great-great grandfather and about the village Green Lake from a long time ago. These stories are fun to read and a great way to keep reading without losing interest in the story. The book is really original because of this little stories but also because I’ve never read a story like this one. The beginning isn’t that great. It is sometimes really tedious and boring to read because he only digs holes and writes letter to his mum. It gets more interesting to read when you’re halfway the book. Thats the only negative aspect of the book,   that the beginning is a bit boring.

I really liked reading the book. The beginning is a bit slow and sometimes boring because he’s just digging holes and there isn’t much going on in the story. But with the side stories it gets more interesting and fun to read. When you’re halfway there the story is really interesting and you just can’t stop reading beacause you want to know how it ends. The ending was something what I didn’t expect, and is really worth reading. I recommend reading this book because its easy to read also really funny.

There’s also a movie about this book, which was released in 2004. Shia Labeouf plays Stanley Yelnats, which is really weird because in the book Stanley is an overweight boy but in the movie he’s really skinny. Here’s the trailer:

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