When book three in the inheritance cycle came out Paolini announced that there would be a fourth book. Everyone who read the first three books were waiting for the fourth book to come out, the epic conclusion on this amazing fantasy series.

This book is about Eragon and Saphira his dragon who are the last free “dragon rider” of Alagaesia, they joined the revolution of the Varden, they are the last hope to overthrow the king. But the hope of victory is almost nonexistent, since the king had almost a hundred years of bolstering his power and Eragon only just became a dragon rider. The fate of the entire civilization rest on the shoulders of Eragon and Saphira.

When the book finally came out it was even better then expected, where in the first three books the story was told very slowly, and there doesn’t happen a lot, in the fourth book the pace of the story became a lot faster. The characters become even more humanlike and it is no longer a fight between good and evil, it is also about facing your true nature, and your own imperfections. You get to know the pain of some side characters. Though this book is not perfect, even though it well written with a good story, I feel like the ending could’ve been a bit ‘darker’, because now every main character survives and a less positive ending would’ve been more dramatic and more fun to read. Even the ending can’t make this a lesser book, and this still is one of the best books I have ever read and it belongs in the bookcase next to Lord of the Rings, this book is actually a lot better then Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter because it doesn’t have all the childish things that those two series have. Because of that it is not only fun for a younger audience it is also fun to read for a more mature audience.

This book is written really colourfully with a lot of descriptions of personalities and landscapes, this might sound like it is boring but it is not it is written in a way that keeps your attention. The character are not just people who just happen to hate the king they have reasons to hate the king, some have good reasons some don’t. The main characters are not the only humanlike, petty hate crimes are performed by the “good guys” and people are helped by the “bad guys”. Because the story is all thought out you have to see all four books as a whole what makes it even more painful that it took ages to write the books.

It took Paolini three years to write only this book, and you notice it in the story, it is all thought out and fits in perfectly with predictions made in the previous books. Paolini started to write this series when he was only fifteen years old and he finished it when he was 28, so it took him a long time to write this series. There was also a film made of the first book, but they screwed it up and raped the entire story, when you have read the books and you see the movie you want to instantly burn your eyes out.

Trailer Eragon


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