The boys and the beast

When my teacher told me we had to read an English novel for English class, I immediately ran to my brother and asked: ‘What do you think would be a good book for me?’ and he replied ‘Lord of the flies‘. When I started to read it, I read at first only a couple of pages a week. I didn’t like it then. But after a while, when I started to read each day, it became more and more interesting. I really liked it. I became one with the story, and started to fantasize about the Island and the way the boys lived.

The story is about a bunch of boys that are in a plane when it crashes, after it has been  attacked. There are no grown ups around, because the boys were evacuated because of a  war. The boys are between 6 and 12 years old. They have to manage all by themself. Ralph, the main character, is chosen as a leader. He tries to organise the boys in one group that act collectively. He wants them to collect food and start a fire, so passing ships would see the smoke. But it doesn’t work out as he intends, and after a while there are two seperate groups. The other group, that has Jack as their leader, hates Ralph and his gang and they make life hard for them. Ralph has a ‘friend’ called Piggy. Piggy is very smart, although you don’t realise it when you read it at first. Everybody hates him.

In the end the members of Jack’s group become animals. First they ‘accidently’ kill a boy of Ralph’s group because they think he was The Beast, a creature they have made up. They all believe there is a beast on the island that lookes like a big monkey. But it doesn’t exist. This beast they call ‘Lord of the flies‘.

In the end someone throws a big stone at Piggy and he falls 40 feet down on a rock. The next day they start to hunt Ralph. He decides to hide himself. The hunter boys spot him and he literally runs for his life. Suddenly a Royal Navy officer appears and says to Ralph: ‘I’m the captain of a ship and I saw your smoke. Where are the grown ups?’ With much trouble Ralph then tells their story.

The writer, William Golding, had lived through two World Wars, and that influenced him  to write this book, his first novel. In 1988 he was knighted  (Sir William) by Queen Elizabeth II. He died in 1993 when he was 81.

Two movies are made after the book, but I heard they’re awfull so I didn’t watch them.

This is the old version, but there is also a new one for people who like colour.

This one looks better, but it’s still not good. Because children are the actors the acting isn’t very good. I think I’ll watch it when I have no homework to do, because I want to know what everything looks like and what it actually was like (my English isn’t that good, so I didn’t understand everything)

The book reminds me a bit of Lost.


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