Son of a mob

Son of the mob by Gordon Korman.

Gordon Korman shows with Son of the mob that his days as a great author aren’t over yet.
His last book was written four years ago and The Sixth Grade Nickname Game wasn’t received well by the critics so this book was absolutely important for his career.
He got himself a new publisher to get a new look on the things and this worked unexpectedly well.
In this book he writes about something that looks really odd and like something that would never happen, but this makes the book even more fun to read because every move is unexpected.

When you first see the title of the book you would probably think that it is some lame kids book but you couldn’t be more wrong. Alright it has won a price for the top 10 book for young adults, but that doesn’t mean that an adult couldn’t read it.
The book is in plain English so that it isn´t only good to read for kids, but also for people whose first language isn´t English or for kids who want to learn the language.
Besides some funny aspects the book is also really serious about some things which you could indirectly place as a situation in your own life.

He talks absolutely fabulously about ‘The Life’ and how a young boy grows up inside the mafia.
The best part in the book is without any doubt when Vince finds out that the girl he has a crush on is actually the daughter of the FBI agent who is investigating his dad.  This part sounds really dull and lame but Gordon finds a way to make it fun to read.  The book also has really funny parts in it, but then these parts also have a double meaning which is a really clever idea to get readers interested in the book and still have a good story.

It is really impressive to see how much power the mob has and how once you are part of it, it controls your whole life even if you don’t want it to. The weird part is that Vince, who has everything he could ever dream of because his dad is a mob boss, hates this way of life and tries to have nothing to do with it. But it doesn’t matter how hard he tries because he is always involved in some way.
Here is a small example, when Vince goes on a date with a girl to the beach and he goes to the trunk to find a blanked to sit on he doesn´t only find his blanket, no he also finds a guy unconscious wrapped into it. Of Corse the girl panics about this and their short relationship is already over before it has ever begun. This is really typical for Vince cause no matter how badly he hates the mob he is always involved with it.

This isn´t the only book about Vince and his mob family so if you are interested in the second book called Son of a Mob : Hollywood Hustle, it would be absolutely worth your time because it is as good as this book.


Cameron Rijnsburger



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