Review: The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Robert Louis, born in Scotland, wrote this book in 1886 as a novel with the idea in his mind that everybody has a good side, but also a bad side.

The book is translated several times and several films are made of this book because it is one of the best works from Robert Louis. The story takes place at the end of the Nineteenth century, which is recognizable by the long black coats and black high hats.

The focus lays on the higher class in society, such as a doctor and a lawyer.


The book starts with the fact that Mr. Utterson gets a cheque in his hand with the name Jekyll
and he discovers that a certain Mr. Hyde is written in his last will. He wonders why Mr. Hyde is written in his will and he goes to Dr. Jekyll to get some information.


Dr. Jekyll tells him that he had promised to help Mr. Hyde. A number of happenings occur which make you curious and so you keep reading to the next piece as to the fact that Mr. Hyde killed someone leaving a letter with the address of Mr. Utterson.


Jekyll acted a little strange since Hyde had come into his life. But after Hyde was gone again, he was as friendly as ever before.

Jekyll tells to Utterson that Hyde is out of his life forever. But after a year Jekyll starts to behave strangely  again. Utterson goes to Lanyon, which is a good friend of Jekyll, and he gets a letter from him, but Lanyon dies soon because he is sick and old.


The butler does not trust the whole situation and he and Utterson are going together to the house from Jekyll where they see Hyde laying dead on the floor.

Utterson finds out by the letters of Lanyon (and also de reader of the book) that Jekyll is using a kind of medicine that changes the one person into the other person, it changes Jekyll in Hyde and Hyde into Jekyll. As he turned increasingly he no longer wanted to do that and he makes an end to his life . He commits suicide.


What is nice about the book is that there are not so many characters in the book which makes the book not so very complicated but very relaxed to read.

The book is nicely written. While you read you think that Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll are two different persons who live separately. Much later in the book you realize that these persons are one man with two sides. The title of the book is misleading, at first you think that the book is about two man who are friends but if you read the book you find out where the title stands for.

I am very enthusiastic about this book. There is a constant tension so you keep reading it and I like it. This book is written mysterious which also encourages you to keep on reading.

The writer has carefully considered the end which is written in the form of a letter. I think that everybody should read this book for English literature because it is real English literature. It is a classic.

Thomas Visser V5E



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