Call it a cliché, but different

William Golding – Lord of the Flies
By Julia Andriesse V5H

You have probably heard of ‘Lord of the Flies’. Perhaps you have seen the film or read the book. What most people don’t know, is that it has not always been such a great success. The book was published in 1954 and it took one year before people started to appreciate it. It was one of William Golding’s first books. ‘Lord of the Flies’ was also his well known and best book. He got a Nobel Prize in Literature for this novel. It is quite understandable that people could not equally appreciate the book. At that time people were recovering from the second World War, when they were seized by the throat by William Golding’s novel. It’s a novel with several elements of war in it. Elements like rival parties, power, good and evil and death.

‘Lord of the Flies’ tells a story of a group of primary school boys which are no older than 13 years. Their plane, which was about to go on a trip, crashes on a island. The boys are the only survivors and have to survive till they’re rescued. The clever leader figure Ralph soon comes with plans how to survive, but the headstrong Jack has a different view. There arise two groups, which try to survive in their own way. The kind of pathetic and fat boy which nickname is Piggy, is the most loyal supporter of Ralph. The urge to survive brings out the worst in the boys. They become predators and start to lose their values. It’s a battle how to survive.

‘Lord of the Flies’ can almost be read by everyone, which makes it a good book. It is easy to follow and understand, even for people who find reading difficult. The used language is quite easy and if it’s not entirely clear, William Golding makes it most of the time clearer by an additional description. It also includes clear but above typical characters. The born leader Ralph, the pathetic fat guy Piggy and of course the cruel character Jack Merridew. A real man’s world, you might say. In this world it’s all about the power and urge to survive.

The disappointment is that William Golding has made use of an omniscient narrator. From the moment I started reading, I found it disappointing that the book wasn’t written from a boys’ view. When I looked at the back of the book, I hoped it was written from a childs’ perspective. Broadly, it is a cliché to call. An airplane crashes and some survivors end up on a deserted island where they have to survive till they are rescued. On the other hand, it has not the expected end you thought it would have. Mr. Golding shows the true nature of human beings, whatever cruel. But despite the disappointments, William Golding succeeded at the point of making an adventurous book. He used his war experiences, which made it even more shocking at some points. From cover to cover, the reader feels pity for the boys.


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