Bringing Down The House by Ben Mezrich

We all do it, gambling.  The rush you get, when you win a bet, easily entices you to give it another shot. And that’s usually the point where you get your hopes up too high, and lose everything you’d gained. Wether it’s either money, or pride. Still, we all know that one person who always seems to be the lucky one. And this is probably the biggest misconception of all, which sparks my interest. You could say, luck is where preperation meets oppertunity. But I’d say, there’s no such thing as luck at all.

Bringing down the house; The inside story of six M.I.T. students who took Vegas for millions.

Ben Mezrich describes the life of a MIT-student, Kevin Lewis, who gets recruited into a little club of people who use math to make money. Counting cards, how they called it, playing blackjack. Calculating the rareness of luck into a certain level of assuredness. They made millions of dollars by frequently spending the weekends in Las Vegas, living the luxury life. But infatuated by the exaggerated lifestyle they blindly lose focus and get caught. But don’t misinterpret ‘getting caught’ here, counting cards is not necessarily illegal in this case. But the casino owners, on the other hand,  don’t find their playing methods quite that amusing. They violently made clear that such things were not appreciated in their casino’s. Having multiple compatitors, other casino’s quickly also knew about the group and shut them down. At this point, after four years, Kevin finds his sanity again and realizes that a normal life is what he’s craving for. And he leaves his rich life behind, almost as an abomination, i sensed. The only unanswered question left is who tipped off the casino’s.

How greed can reduce everything you had into nothingness, and leaves you behind in regret. But how rationality can get you so much further. And how deep you can fall, if you build on people you can’t trust. That are the lessons I’ve learned from this fascinating book. The way Mezrich has written the book, gives the the feeling as if you experience the adventure all by yourself. It almost makes you crave to find out what’s on the other side of the page.

After reading the book I felt like I’d learned something from the story. And I really enjoyed reading the book and would recommend it to everyone who wants to read an exciting story, and if you don’t like reading, at least watch the movie! (Even though the story is a bit different)


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