You Against Me

It’s obvious you’re terrified when you hear your brother is accused of rape, also is it obvious to seek revenge when you hear your sister is raped. Than isn’t it weird to love the sibling of your biggest enemy?

       “Her skin tasted expensive.”                                                                                                                               You Against Me - 9780385613507

Mikey is not wealthy, has to work for a living and has to take care of his little sisters and mother. Ellie has everything she wants. She is not spoiled and also not a brat. Her family just moved from London and she has to fit in at a new school. When Ellie hears her brother is accused of rape she does everything in his defense. She loses all the hope to fit in and starts rebelling. She even lies in her statement. When Mikey finds out his sister is raped his whole world falls apart. All he wants is the person of interest to die. What Mikey and Ellie don’t know is that in a big mess, a complicated love can blossom up.

Mikey uses Ellie to gain information about her brother ,Tom , who raped Mikey’s sister, Karyn. Since the moment they met all he could think about was her. Without even noticing he finds himself in love with the girl his sister hates.  Ellie has no different feelings than Mikey. As a witness for her brother her world slowly falls apart. How can she defend someone who’s guilty, and how can she love someone who is trying to make her family’s life a living hell.

Jenny Downham, the writer, really did a great job writing this book, but for people who read her debut ‘Before I Die’, will give this book way more criticism. This book is worth reading and very easy to read, which is unexpected for such a moving story. Don’t expect a lot of it. The reader is always twisted by who is really telling the truth and who is lying which at some point becomes boring. The end is carefully thought about as if you don’t want to continue reading. ‘The End’ on the bottom of the page is well-placed.

This book is not a romance, but about love. It is also not a tragedy but it is moving, you can try and figure out a lot of genres for it, because it has something from everything. It is the first book that doesn’t really focus on the differences between a poor boy and a rich girl, but more on how both lives can affect each other. Most of the time it’s about the poor boy falling in love with the rich girl, well now the rich girl is falling harder than the boy.

Like Frank Zappa said: “So many books, so little time.”

So for someone who does like reading and doesn’t have much time this is the perfect book. You will get carried away and fly through the pages. Before you know you’re writing a review like I am.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Rim Romane V4D


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