An abundance of Colin’s thoughts

An abundance of Katherines (by John Green)

“It’s horrible to be dumped!” That’s what Ramses Shaffy said, and a lot of other beautiful people, agree with him. John Green has written a book in which one guy is dumped by 19 different Katherines.

This is, of course, quite a hard thing to believe. This guy, Colin, is obsessed with the fact that it’s true that he’s been dumped by all those girls. In between the lines you read all the time that little sentence: “It’s so hard for Colin that he’s been dumped so many times.” And even ín the sentences this thought crosses your mind very often. There is one other thing that Collin can think of, and that is his Theorem. He wants to prove that there are people who will always be dumped (he calls them the Colins) and on the other hand there are people who never get dumped and only dump people themselves (the Katherines of course).

Hassan (Colin’s best friend) takes Colin on a road-trip to get away from home for a while and to do something completely different. They can stay in the house of Lindsey and Hollis. Lindsey likes Colin and Lindsey’s ex is also called Collin. That’s paradoxical isn’t it? But that’s also a bit of the irritation the reader might have. The end is also a bit predictable. This story is like a usual love story, except for the theorem it includes. The footnotes, in fact, are really funny and they make sure you’re paying attention. In one of these footnotes, for example, the word sitzplinker is explained. Sitzplinker is a German word for a man who pisses sitting on the toilet. So it’s a word Colin and Hassan use often instead ofloser or dumpee. The word is used so very often that the reader feels exactly when the word is coming. It’s like the reader is best friends with Colin and Hassan. Some people might like that. Usually while you’re reading a book, it has to include  a little more than just small-talk among friends. Not that there is anything wrong with small talking, as long as you do it with your friends. You don’t need a book for that pleasure.

John Green has written one of the most beautiful books about teenagers. I’m talking about “Looking for Alaska” right now. In a few words this book is surprising, original, full offantasy, it tickles the imagination and it is an absolute pageturner. That’s everything “An abundance of Katherines” is not. In “Looking for Alaska” there are happening a lot of  things you cannot believe. It didn’t seem to be possible. In “An abundance of Katherines”. Everything that is so easy seems to be impossible for Hassan or Colin. These guys are just very dull people, especially Hassan. And the worst part is that he’s always joking about it. The jokes and dullness bore you after the third time. The third time is already on the first page. The only character that is a bit interesting is Lindsey. She’s telling Collin things about life and the use of living. She does make a few good points. The final chapter is the best, because then all the Katherines are introduced. That’s kind of funny. The last pieces of the puzzle have found their places.

Here’s also a little film in which is explained the story. You should just watch the beginning, untill they start introducing all the Katherines…


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