How I live now

How I live now – Meg Rossof

Daisy doesn’t get along well with het stephmother, who’s getting a baby from her  father. This is why Daisy and her father decide that she will spend the summer in England with her cousins and her Aunt Penn, while the baby is coming. Aunt Penn is the sister of Daisy’s mother, who died when Daisy was a little girl. Daisy tells about everything that happpens in England, for example how she fell in love with her cousin Edmond, about how different life overthere is from her life in New York City, about her eating distraction, and last but not least, about the war.

The special thing about the book is the way how everything is written down. When you read the book you really get the idea there’s a fifteen year old funny girl talking about her problems and experiences.

‘How I live now’ is Meg Rossof’s first novel, but she’s already able to make you belief anything she wants to. This writingstyle makes you want to keep on reading.

Although you want to keep on reading, there are parts of the book in which isn’t happening a lot. This can be irritating. During the war for example, nothing special is happening for a long time, but it looks like this is part of the structure, and suddenly something really important will happen. But it doesn’t. This is suprising and disappointing at the same time. It’s nice that you’re not able to imagine what the story will be like, but it would have been even more nice if something really unexpactable would have happened at these moments instead of nothing.

You can say the same about the end of the book. It’s a beautiful ending, because you can almost feel how Edmond is damaged by the war, but you might expect more of it.

The characters in the book are all very different, and everyone has a totally other part in the group. This makes the story more interesting.

The story has a lot of different subjects, so it’s very variated. Therefore, many people can read it, boys, girls, children and youngadults. The only condition is that you have to like books which are based more on nice writing and the lifestyle of the main character, because it’s not like an action novel.

Meg Rossof did a great job with this novel. At some parts she might have put a little more action in the story, but it’s a reliable and well written story about the life of a teenager when she gets into a strange situation.


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