The house on the strand

In this review I’ll be talking about the book “the house on the strand” from Daphne the Maurier. The book tells the story about a normal man who gets addicted to drugs. The main character is Dick. Dick is man and a husband who just got fired from his old job en he seeks a new one. His wife, Vita has a brother who offered him a new job but before Dick accepts it, he goes on holiday. An old friend and scientist, Magnus, offered him to stay a couple of weeks in one of his houses. However, Dick needs to do Magnus a favor and test a new drug that Magnus is developing. The new drug is top-secret and nobody knows from it except Dick and Magnus. It takes Dicks mind back to the 14th century and he gets more and more obsessed with the drug. The drug takes over his life and Dick starts to get in more and more trouble the more often he uses the drug.

The problem with this book is that it doesn’t really has a special story. There are tons of books that are going about men who loses themselves to drugs and then messes up their self and their lives. Also there are big parts of the book that don’t lead to anything for your feeling. You are waiting the hole book for some connections between his trips but it isn’t there. You keep seeing the same characters, but it doesn’t make a logical story. Also the first couple of trips are extremely boring, and the interesting part of the books where a lot happens is relative late in book. U really need to push yourself through the first part of the book before it gets more interesting. But when it gets more interesting, it really is a good book. Suddenly a lot happens and Dick gets drained in more problems fast. From this point you really want to keep reading and you really get sucked in the book.

However, I still won’t recommend this book to anyone. It just takes too long before the book gets interesting, and the interesting part is too short to compensate first part. Besides that, there are a lot of other books with the same subject where the actions kicks in a lot earlier and these books are more interesting to read.

Patrick Thonhäuser, V5E


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