Enduring Love – Ian McEwan

Enduring love was published in 1997. The story takes place in England. It’s about a guy named Joe Rose. Once he went on a picnic with Clarissa Mellon, his girlfriend. Certainly they saw a boy sitting in a hot air balloon all alone with his grandfather dragging underneath it. Joe and some other guys try to safe the boy, while they do that one of them dies, John Logan. One of the other guys is named Jed Parry, and he falls in love with Joe. Jed Parry is really mad because Joe is in love with someone else. He tries to kill Joe for not loving him. Clarissa thinks that Joe got crazy, because every time Joe says that Jed is standing outside and when she takes a look he is gone again. For his own safety Joe buys a gun. On his journey back from buying the gun, Jed calls him, he is in Joe’s house with Clarissa. When Joe arrives home, Jed asks for forgiveness. Jed puts a knife at his own throat and then Joe shoots him in his arm, so Ted can’t kill himself.

It is a real fascinating book, because the reader knows what’s happening with the main character and you get frustrated because the other people don’t believe him. Especially when you read how much Joe loves his girlfriend but Ted ruins their love. It is a real page turner, you want to know when Clarissa’s going to believe him and if she ever will believe him. Clarissa thinks that he got psychotic, which seems true if you don’t know what is really happening. It is a struggle between the two boys, Joe and Ted. In many books you know from the beginning who’s the winner. But here the reader gets really worried if it will be all right in the end.

At the beginning the main character, Joe, is polite and happy. It seems that he enjoys life, he is really helpful and kind. As you get to the end of the book, he gets scared and he is not that polite anymore. He wants to do things on his own and doesn’t trust people anymore.                                                         Ted is a quite other character. In fact you should hate him, but on the other hand he is very interesting. He is so smart, par example he was in the park on the day of the accident but no one except for Joe can remember him. Like he was invisible. He stood almost every day on the road near Joe’s house, but Clarissa never saw him standing there.

The structure of the book, wasn’t that good. The story was nice and interesting. Sometimes quite hard to read because the writer  uses theory’s people might not know. But the start of the book was too long, you wait for things to happen. When you reach the second part, you really want to read on. The second part was actually so good and touching that at the end it didn’t really matter that the beginning was too long.

The first book Ian McEwan wrote was “First Love, Last Rites” in 1975. “Enduring Love” was written in 1997, one year later he wrote “Amsterdam”. The last book he wrote was “Sweet Tooth” in 2012. He wrote many more books, you can all find them on his website. People called him Ian Macabre because he wrote weird dark story’s. Five of his books are filmed: The comfort of Strangers, The Cement Garden, The Innocent, Enduring Love and Atonement




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