”It all seems so real”

Angels & Demons  – Dan Brown

For everyone who was also blown away by the Da Vinci Code, this is a must-read. Dan Brown has found a way to surpass himself by writing an even better sequel, without making the books too similar.

The story tells the life of Robert Langdon, professor of religious iconology and art history at Harvard University, who once again has to solve a mistery, a murder. The victim, Leonardo Vetra (physic and Catholic priest), was trying to simulate a big bang using antimatter. However, before he could, he was murdered and the antimatter was stolen and fell into the wrong hands, and Vatican City is under threat of being destroyed. While all this was happening the Pope died, so all the cardinals were coming to Vatican City to choose a new Pope while being locked inside the Sistine Chapel.

This is most definitely a thrilling detective story. You are being taken into a whole different culture, while Dan Brown maintains a modern style of writing so it doesn’t become boring and it remains stirring, highly recommended to young readers who aren’t really into books. Brown keeps your brain in full swing using deceptive incidents throughout the book, that will keep you wondering, asking and therefore, reading.

The main reason why you are being completely dragged into the book is simple, it all seems so real. Brown paires fiction with facts, just like in the Da Vinci Code. You read things that are uncommon but true at the same time. There’s one downside on the other hand, when you finish the book, you suddenly realise how boring your life is and start gasping for action, so you go and read the next book. That’s why I would recommend anyone to read this book and lose yourself in it.




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