Life of Pi – Yann Martel

Yann Martel is the writer of the Life of Pi. This book was published in september 2001, and won the the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 2002 and some other awards.

Life of Pi is a novel about a boy who has to survive on a lifeboat after his ship sank. This book has parts when the type of writing suddenly changes  and its written in Italic. At the beginning I didn’t know what te meaning was of this, but at the end I found out that this is the author telling something about Mr Pi Patel.

This book is divided in three parts. In the first part, which is called Toronto and Pondicherry, you’ll get to learn Piscine Molitor Patel. In this part he is around twelve years old and its around the year 1970. Piscine was named after a swimming pool in France. He changes his name into Pi because the kids at school called him Pissing Patel when he was twelve years old. Pi is really into religion, he was raised as a Hindu but when he gets older he wants to know about other religions too. So he becomes a Christian and also a Muslim. His parents find it strange that he is a Muslim, a Christian and a Muslim, but he just want to love God. His father owns a Zoo in Pondicherry, in India. But his parents want to move to Canada. They sell the zoo and the animals go to countries around the world. They travel to Canada with a Cargo ship with a lot of animals.

The second part which is called The Pacific Ocean, is the main part of the book. In this part the cargo ship has sunk and Pi is the only human survivor. He was thrown in a lifeboat by the crew of the ship. But he isn´t alone in the lifeboat. There´s a zebra, a hyena , an orang utan and a Bengal tiger. But the hyena kills the zebra and the orang utang, and the Bengal tiger, which is called Richard Parker, kills the hyena. So Pi is left with a Bengal tiger in his lifeboat. Pi tries to survive, and uses everthing he can find on the lifeboat. There´s food and water to survive for 100 days on the lifeboat. But his main problem in Richard Parker. He tries to tame Richard Parker, so he feeds him with fish he catches and he urinates on the boat and blow a whitsle so he can define his territory. This seems to work because Richard Parker never gets into the territory of Pi. Eventually he reaches land in Mexico. He has survived on that lifeboat for 277 days.

The third part is only  a couple of pages where he is asked questions by two Japanese man of the Ministry of Transport of Japan, because the ship was Japanese. This is how the book ends .

I really liked this book, mainly because it was such an original story. In the beginning I didn´t really liked it because not much interesting happened, but at the second part it was really fun to read. Although he was on a lifeboat with only a tiger it was still interesting to read whats on Pi´s mind and how he changes through the book. The structure of the book was really good, I liked it how it was divided in three parts. What I think made the book so good is thats its a really simple story, there didn´t happened much, but it was still really interesting to read.

Sam Kuin V5E


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