The beast that lives inside you

Lord of the flies is the first novel written by William Golding. The book wasn’t received very well when it first came out, but nowadays it’s one of the most popular books among students. There’s been made a movie about the book as well. It was one of the most popular movies in 1963.

The story is about a group of boys who are stranded on an uninhabited island after their plane was chrashed. There are no grown-ups on the island, only children. The children have to choose a leader, choose hunters, everyone gets a different task. But how do you divide those different tasks? Who is going to be the leader?

At first there is a boy named Ralph who is chosen to be the leader. The first thing he decides is to find out if it’s truly an uninhabited island. When he’s found out, he decides to make a fire, so that passing ships will notice them. Ralph also uses a conch to gather all the boys. He makes a rule which says that you can only speak when you have the conch.

After a while the human nature of the kids starts to show. Less people are listening to Ralph and Jack starts to gain power. He’s a born leader just like Ralph, but the difference is that Jack speaks more to the imagination of the kids, because he thinks hunting is more important then keeping order and obeying rules. The group is being divided. The major part is going with Jack and the minor part is loyal to Ralph. At this moment of the book there is shown a clear difference between the human rational, morally good side of people (Ralph) and the irrational morally wrong part of people (Jack).

As time pasts more children are choosing Jack’s side, because they’ve got more food. The children of Jacks’s side are showing their worst side when their bullying Ralph and his last loyal followers Piggy and the twins Sam and Eric. They’re destroying their camp and steal Piggy’s glasses. The next morning, the four boys go to Jack’s camp to talk and ask for Piggy’s glasses. It turns into a dissaster. The twins are being captured and forced to join Jack. Piggy gets killed by a rock, thrown off a cliff by one of Jacks followers.

The next morning the savages (Jack’s followers) started a manhunt for Ralph. Ralph manages to survive because the island was found by a British troop. The kids went home and that’s the end of the story.

The book shows the violent and bad nature of people when there are no existing rules or chosen leaders. It also shows that most people don’t choose for the right way, but a lot more often for the easiest way.

At a certain moment there is a rumour about a beast living on the island. This was made up by Jack and a couple of his followers. They did it to scare the children. They would listen better. When Simon (the reflection of the moral good) finds out that there is no “beast”, he runs to Jack’s camp to tell everyone. At the moment the boys were doing a ‘pighunting-dance’ on the beach. When Jack saw a creature running their way, he said it was the beast and they killed Simon. This action shows that there was not such a thing like a beast. They’d became the beast themselves…


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