FREEDOM IS HATE – based on the book “1984” bij George Orwell.

By Natasja van der Brug

Freedom is Slavery’ says the Party slogan. But is freedom slavery? And what is freedom if you are being controlled 24/7 by the Party through telescreens? And what is freedom if there is a possibility that someone is looking at you all the time, and if you do something unorthodox that someone will betray you to the Thought Police?

My opinion is: ‘Freedom is Hate’.

You’re only free if you hate something. Doesn’t matter what exactly. Because then you will have your own thoughts and not the ones the Party makes you have. For example, look at the Two Minutes Hate; people are yelling at “the enemy of the Party” (Goldstein). But are they really yelling and angry at him, or are they thinking of someone else during the yelling? I think most of them are. So during the Hate, your mind is free. Freedom is hate.

The Party “trains” the citizens to hate the foreigners, so War keeps existing and the Party can keep her power. Because if there wasn’t any War, the proles would have better standards of living and will get smarter (because they’re don’t have to “survive” anymore and can think of other things, like how the government treats them). Because 85% of the citizens are the proles, the Party will lose her power. So, Oceania fights with the other two states,Eurasiaand Eastasia, not because they want to defeat each other, but because the Party doesn’t want to lose her power.

War is Peace’ is also a slogan of the Party. As long as there is war there wouldn’t be any uprisings, because if people hate the party they’ll keep it inside. But when the war is over its possible that citizens would want to express their hate, and there will be uprisings.

So freedom (as we see it now) is not doing and thinking what the Party wants you to do, but freedom is hate the Party!


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