Lies of Silence

Lies of Silence is a novel written by Brian Moore. They say it’s his best novel but I can’t tell because this is the first novel I read of him.

The story is about a man named Michael Dillon. He lives in Belfast and he is the manager of an hotel. Michael  is married. His wife’s name is Moira. It isn’t a happy marriage so he is cheating on her with another woman: Andrea. He plans telling Moira about his secret affair  when he comes home from work that night. When they are in the bedroom and ready to sleep, three men from the IRA storm into the house! The men kidnap both Michael and Moira. During the kidnapping they see the face of one man. The IRA wants Michael to park his car at the parking area which is located under the Clarence Hotel (where Michael works). They have placed a bomb in his car and Michael suspects that the IRA want to attack the protestant minister Pottinger who is giving a speech in the hotel that day. The orders are simple: park the car and than buy something in a little store close to the hotel, after that he will be picked up by men of the IRA. If he tries to contact the police they will kill Moira who is being held at home. While in the store he starts thinking of the consequences, all those innocent people inside and he actually doesn’t care about Moira anymore. He calls the police but they can’t get there in time, so Michael has to get everybody out of the hotel himself. He succeeds, the hotel explodes and nobody gets hurt. Michael goes home to check on Moira. She is alive because the IRA members left the house earlier. Michael and Moira have a fight and Moira decides to stay at her parent’s house. That doesn’t bother Michael at all. He leaves Belfast and goes to London with Andrea to stay away from the IRA. He finds a job and everything is cool until he hears that some member of the IRA is caught by the police, the one he had seen that night. The question is: will Michael testify and bring the man to justice or won’t he testify and stay out of danger?

This book brings you closer to the situation in Northern-Ireland in the last century . The fight for independence and the religious violence. Moore knew all about it because he grew up in Belfast in a catholic family. It’s a bit of a autobiographical book, Moore was married twice also. Moore’s style of writing wasn’t that special to me but it wasn’t a bad novel. He maybe could have written the novel with more suspense in it because it is definitely a thriller.

It’s not a book you must read, but one you can read when you have some spare time.

By Tobias Lantink


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