“My life was over; my life had just begun.”

Here’s a trailer to give you a first impression of the book.

Alice Sebold’s first book helped her dealing with the fact that she’s been raped. She was eighteen when it happened. Sebold really had to write down her story and about fifteen years and lots of bad novels later she succeeded in writing and publishing a good, compelling book that’s called Lucky. She was lucky in more ways. Lucky because she survived the rape and had a piece of evidence from her rapist. Lucky because she has a strong character and won the trial.

“I’ve been in this business for thirty years,” he said. “You are the best rape witness I’ve ever seen on the stand.”
I would hold on to that moment for years.

Rape is haunting Sebold for the rest of her life and it’s a recurring topic in her second book The Lovely Bones, which was awarded in 2003. Her other novels are also about younger girls, rape and death.
Because Lucky is based on a true story that happened to her, Sebold deserves lots of respect. You can imagine it must have been very painful to write down everything in a certain way that makes the reader feel the humiliation and hate, though she did it. That’s why her style of writing touches you from the beginning.

Lucky is easy to read and it will certainly move people of all ages. It’s also a good book, because different emotions will be triggered while you’re reading. From the beginning, where she describes the rape, you feel scared and humiliated and as you feel sorry for Sebold the whole time, another important part in the book makes you feel mad. I’m talking about the trial and the lawsuit, where the rapist’s lawyer is thwarting Alice. It makes you hate the rapist even more.

Alice had to deal with things on her own; her mother often got panic attacks and her father wasn’t really the person she could tell everything to. Fortunately a few friends and her lawyer Gail (who also helped her with research for this book) did help her, but her strong character was the most important factor for winning the lawsuit. Many girls would have been mentally broken, immediately after the rape. Maybe they wouldn’t tell anyone or say the exactly right things when the rapist’s lawyer tries to take them down, but Alice did. Many people, including me, respect that.

The book Lucky is compelling and sad. I say you should give it a try.

By Kelly Dake,



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