The Gun Seller

My review is about the book by Huge Laurie, who also happens to be a star actor in the TV show House.  The book is called the Gun Seller.


It was his first novel and sometimes during the reading you could realize this because there would be some essential information missing which you would have had when the author would had published more books, but let’s just call all the small reading difficulty’s learning mistakes. Laurie kept is identity unknown because he didn’t want to be another celebrity author and he waited with saying his name until the book had been accepted to be published, the publicist had persuaded him to tell his name so that the book would receive more publicity

Personally I really enjoyed reading this book, except for some parts of it which were quite difficult to understand due to the lack of writing experience of Hugh. But then again some parts really make me thrilled and excited to read on and sometimes this was only because Hugh would put in some ideas which an experienced author wouldn’t so that also makes it nice to read. If you would look at the plusses and minuses from his lack of experience  they would cross each other out.

In the book Laurie made enough room for some jokes and of course a love relationship between the main character and a girl, which too bad happens way to much in these kind of books with of course on the number one the James Bond books. That the main character falls in love is a cliché which is happening way to often in my opinion.

Overall I like the way he goes into the life of Thomas Lang, looking at his passed as a former member of the Scots Guards. Most of these people had lots of stress during their job and you can also notice this at Thomas, who not only uses his experience from his former job but also gets in trouble due to his old job, because otherwise he would never get into contact with the arms dealers and the British secret service  or even bigger, the CIA.  The way he goes into Thomas his former life is really well done and I’m almost sure that he couldn’t had done that without help from someone who is a former servant from an agency .

There was supposed to be a sequel to this book, called the Paper Soldier.
Amazon already had announced that it would be published in mid-September 2007 but this date had passed without a new book from Laurie. His agency said that it was a mistake from Amazon and that he hadn’t even started on the new book. Then amazon stated that the book would be published in September 2009, a date that has also passed without a book. I’m believing that Laurie is never going to write this book or even had the intention to do it, because why would you write a sequel to a thirteen year old book?  In January 2009 the book was translated into French and it had topped the book charts after it was for sale.


Cameron Rijnsburger



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