The painted bird by Jerzy Kosinksi

The latest book I’ve read is the painted bird, a novel written by Jerzy Kosinksi ( About a six year old, black haired and black eyed boy lived with an old woman called Marta. The boy was abandoned by his parents, but he was told that his parents were killed by a bomb. Because it’s the second world war and he looks like a jewish boy, his parents wanted him to go to the east. When he came there Marta took care of him. Martha thought that he had demonic forces because of his jewish look so the boy doesn’t felt very welcome. After a fire and the death of Marta he lived by Olga, a weird medicine woman. After he is kidnapped by a man and thrown in the river, which he survived, he is looking for an accommodation again. He met the strangest people you’ve ever seen. He only found rest at the church near the village and he decided to become a Christian and started praying very much. On the Christian feast Corpus Christi the boy is selected to be an altar boy, but he dropped the Holy Book and the villagers threw him in a manure pit. But the boy managed to climb out of the pit and ran away from the village. One strange thing happened during the disaster on Corpus Christi: the boy lost his ability to speak. He is able to go in the Red Army, and when he gets this chanche he gets it with both hands. He made new friend there, he got a lot of respect for the communists and began to believe in this philosophy. And than, something magic happened.

In the book there’s one of the most beautiful metaphors I’ve ever read. It’s about a bird which is killed by his own species, only because he looks different. The birds don’t look trough the varied colors to see the painted bird’s inner, which is the same as the other birds. Exactly the same happened to the main character because he looks like a Gypsy or a Jew, but isn’t a Gypsy nor a Jew.

Sice I was ten years old, my intrest for history started. Especially the second world war, which I think is very interesting. So if you’ve, just like me, interest for the second world war, communism and discrimination you should have to give it a try. Because we’re now in the communism spheres, maybe big brother is watching you, so read the book!


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