Review Emma – Jane Austen

I can’t imagine anybody not having heard of Jane Austen nor her outstanding book “Emma”, a book about love, marriage and the aristocracy.  Emma is considered a classic romantic comedy and was first published in 1816 and dedicated to prince Regent. However almost every review written about this book is full of praise it may be time for someone from de 21st century to be critical. It’s an extremely boring and prosy written book and most of all overvalued. For a 20th century book it may be beautiful and moving but for someone of my age, or my era, it’s not that interesting at all.

The whole book is written as a poem, which is fine, for the first 20 pages. Every sentence is extensive and long. Austen tries to make you feel the atmosphere she’s feeling while writing it. And she does succeed it in but after that you’ll get bored and wonder when the story starts. You’ll find out that it actually won’t. The book is just a boring long story about nothing, a book about Emma, her social life and the obsession to get married. I would like to call this “a creative way to waste your time”.

What has to be said is that if you take your time, and enjoy this type of writing: very detailed and extensive, you could enjoy it. Jane Austen has taken her time to define every part of Emma’s character and her environment and if you take the effort to listen to the melody Jane tries to put in her words you may actually like it. A problem with the book and this generation is that the problems and the desires of the characters in the book are no longer the same. What actually is something that’s interesting because it’s something you see a lot nowadays is how Emma can manipulate and dominate Harriët. The fact that everybody’s decisions are being influenced by other people’s opinions is something that I find a problem nowadays and actually is interesting. Peer pressure is something that you see a lot in the book and I think that that is actually one of the only things in which Jane Austen has succeeded with writing this book.

Maybe it’s a problem which has to do with this generation: not being able to enjoy a story without any tension, or maybe Jane Austen is just a really tedious writer who used to be appreciated but is in the present time outdated.



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