‘The Good Thief’ by Hannah Tinti

‘What is the thing you want most in the world?’ That is a central question in ‘The Good Thief’.  If there is someone who definitely knows what he desperately wants, then it’s certainly Ren, a family. Twelve-year-old Ren, abandoned as an infant at Saint Anthony’s orphanage, is missing his left hand. He doesn’t know why or how it happened, he only knows that no one will ever adopt him.  Ren can’t work that hard without a hand. While I was reading this book I got goose bumps, I wanted to sign the adoption papers . Hannah Tinti, co-founder and editor-in-chief of One Story magazine, can mysteriously ensure that you’ll hold on the story and will be binds to the characters. You’ll be gripped from beginning to end and not relieved …

This book is about a boy named Ren, who had no idea what happened in his past. That’s the reason why he is extremely curious. One day a man appears, Benjamin Nab, who pretends to be his older brother. It is Rens lucky day he is adopted, or not? After a few weeks he will find out that Benjamin is not an honest man. Benjamin earns his bread with various criminal activities and he uses Ren for it. You’ll guess it already, Ren goes along with this,  because he doesn’t know better. After a while he begins to hesitate about how Benjamin really is. Benjamin lies about everything, he’s actually a bastard. Later, Ren realizes that he is depended on Benjamin, because this is the man who has the answers to all his questions, about the future and the past.

Tinti, the writer of the best-seller ‘Animal Crackers’ , is the co-founder of the magazine One Story. She also received the  ‘2009 PEN/Nora Magid award’ for excellence in editing. She also joined the Public Radio program ‘Selected Shorts’. She writes very detailed and with passion, she describes certain situations in a special way. Her writing style is very exceptional. She describes complex situations but you can still easily get through it.

“Hannah Tinti”What you can clearly see in the book is that the author works towards the denouement, there are so many things happening with Ren while you’re reading it, but in the end there is only one discovery. Ren finds out the biggest secret in his life and that is what Hannah Tinti constantly wants to clarify. You’re every time amazed at what happens, and I think that’s a priceless gift.

‘You’re supposed to steal from other people,’ said Benjamin. ‘Not me.’ ‘ I wasn’t stealing.’ ‘What would you call it, then?’ Ren remembered what Benjamin had said on the road, after they’d stolen the farmer’s horse. ‘Borrowing, with good intent.’ Benjamin looked up and shook his head, as if he was having his own private conversation with the ceiling. ‘Look,’ he said. ‘You just can’t go around taking care of people. They’ll grow to depend on you, and then you won’t be able to leave them when you have to.’

The Good Thief, Hannah Tinti, part 2, page 212

So, I think you have to read this book. This book offers almost everything, it’s a chilling and unpredictable story, you’re every time astonished at what happens. It is also extremely well written, Hannah Tinti writes with passion and you can feel that as a reader. I understood what Ren was going through and I was also a little bit suspicious about Benjamin. The story keeps you stuck and will not let you go.

Do you love a book that gives you a bit challenging? Then read The Good Thief.


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