A kiss before dying

Loving him was easy. Trusting him was deadly.

“A kiss before dying” is a thriller written by Ira Levin and it’s divided into three parts. Dorothy, Ellen and Marion. A kiss before dying” was released in 1953, it was his first book and it immediately became an enormous success. And because of that he won an “Edgar Allan Poe Award”. This is a price for the best first novel by an American author. The book is also filmed twice, first in 1954 and secondly in 1991. Famous actors like Joanne Woodward and Max von Sydow can be seen in these films. A kiss before dying is not the only famous book of him, “Rosemary´s baby” and “The boys from Brazil” are other masterpieces of him. Ira Levin not only wrote books, he also wrote plays. One of his most popular plays surely is “Deathtrap” (1978). This play is more than four years staged in Broadway. On Monday, 12 November 2007, he died from the effects of a heart attack. He was 78 years old.

A kiss before dying shows how a successful young man turns into a psychopathic person. In order to obtain as much money as possible he makes a plan. A plan in which he truly believes, everything is under control, nothing can go wrong… But… things do go wrong, life isn’t always like you planned. When things go wrong, how do you react, how does he react? Is he able to admit the plan didn’t succeed? Or is he getting things under control again? How many victims will be made by the obsession of money?

Though I had some troubles in the beginning, I thought it was a very nice book. In the beginning I didn’t really got the story, but after a few chapters it was hard for me to put the book away. The book was extremely easy to read thanks to the conversations, which made you a part of the story. Because of this you really wanted to know how the story would develop. The end is not very surprising, but his writing style gives you Goosebumps on your arms, while sitting on the edge of your chair, reading the last paragraphs.

This book is timeless because of the subject. There will always be people who are willing to do everything for money. Therefore I think that it will not be very quickly old fashioned. It symbolises the way a lot of people seem to behave. Gathering as much money as possible as quick as possible. Without any shame or moral restriction.

If you want to read a book, which is really exciting, extraordinary, and immersive, I would really recommend you to read this book!


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