Pulp Fiction

Pulp fiction, maybe with one or two exceptions the most famous film Quentin Tarantino made. Am I  right in assuming that everybody who can read has seen this film? If I’m not and you haven’t seen this awesome film you should probably stop reading this article now and just go see it!

The film is based on three stories, the story of two robbers who decide to rob a restaurant, the story of two gunmen who are working for a powerful mobster called Marcellus Wallace, and the story of  Butch a boxer who doesn’t only play for the game. Although the story lines can be somewhat vague, and the stories aren’t exactly chronological the film has a drive in it that will get you hooked from the first second.

Quentin Tarantino is very well known for his violent scenes, the graphicness of his shots and his referrals to other films. In this film he shows his graphical insights and love for other movies again and again. His love for the word fuck is demonstrated as well as his love for violence in films as it plays a very prominent role in this film because of the characters who are all involved with the underground in Los Angeles.

Overall this film really is a must see, it’s just so awesome. I can’t put it in other words, it’s awesome.


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