Pulp Fiction

“I dare you. I double dare you, motherfucker.”

From IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

‘Pulp Fiction’ sure is a violent movie. The question is or all of that that violence is really nescessary to make this movie a classic. I think it isn’t, but I do think something else is the cause of making this movie a must-see: the sharp conversations, which contain funny, or sometimes even deep statements. Those conversations are played so very casual by the actors, that sometimes you miss how funny the things they say actually are. The cursing is to make the things they say come out stronger, I think. It’s pretty effective, but not needed. Although it might be what makes people remember this movie: the many, many famous quotes. The most famous quote is the one you see at the top, and in my opinion that’s just. Beacause this quote shows perfectly what the films contains the most: violence and cursing.


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