Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction came out in 1994 and became one of the best movies ever made. In my point of view, I really think that Pulp Fiction (and maybe Quentin Tarantino also) is very overrated. Everybody says that Pulp Fiction is a classic and that you must see it, but when you ask: ‘What’s so good about the movie?’ No one can tell you. The only answer that I got, was: ‘Well, it’s a classic. So it must be good.’ I think that’s a lame argument. A movie must have something special. Or it has to be really funny (for example; almost all the movies of Steve Carell) or the storyline must be very good (for example; Law Abiding Citizen), but it must have something special. Pulp Fiction was in everything not exceptional. There wasn’t a real storyline; it was just about two hit men, a boxer, the boss, his wife and two robbers which stories came together at the end of the movie. Also, there was a lot of violence which didn’t have a purpose, for example the SM-basement. For me, it didn’t add anything to the story.

Another thing what was a bit lame, was that there wasn’t a real ending. The two hit men are walking away from the restaurant and that’s it. Also, that wasn’t the real end, because one scene before, John Travolta is already dead.

So, there wasn’t a real ending, the story was lame, and it’s only about violence. The only thing what I thought was nice that there were a lot of good actors in the movie.

But for me, Pulp Fiction is just another movie and it’s not really a classic. I think this is an interesting review, because the writer first loved the movie and suddenly he didn’t. I never loved the movie, but the reason why he doesn’t love it anymore, I can really agree with him.

Sure, for many of you, the movie will have a deeper meaning, but I couldn’t find it.


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